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First Breaking News of Match Fixing


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           See the detailed report on Match Fixing issues 
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          A great collection of Players pictures.
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Bulletin Board
Transcript of Conversation among Saeed Anwar, Rashid and Basit
Justice Malik Qayyum Inquiry Report
Investigation: The Man Fixing Cricket
Conversation among Rashid, Basit and Salim Malik
Atta ur Rehman's Affidavit against Wasim, Salim and Ejaz
1998 Interim Report of PCB Probe Committee headed by Ejaz Yousuf
Daily Telegraph (Complete Report on Match-Fixing
Second Episode of Rashid's Experience in Pakistan Cricket Team
Justice Qayyum Report on Match-Fixing
Fakharuddin.G.Ebrahim Inquiry Report to PCB
Transcripts of Audio Tapes provided to Inquiry Commission


News Corner

- Transcript of Conversation
  Among Saeed Anwar, Rashid
  and Basit

Justice Qayyum Inquiry Report

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